Keeping Your Tenants Happy! [Infographic]

Showing themselves to their tenants during their first time in viewing the room is the best way a landlord could show respect for tenants. While U-pads may be interesting spaces to live in, this particular information reflects the sentiment of most UK tenants, particularly those looking for a rented home.

Tenants often want to meet the landlord on time, check the items inside the property before they move in, request only a month’s rent in advance and treat tenants the way they want to be treated as tenants.

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Accommodation and Buying Tips


The Tenancy Agreement

You will usually be asked to authorize an occupancy contract when you relocate into a leased level or house. This is a legally binding agreement in between you and the landlord and sets out the basis upon which you inhabit the property. If you are not offered an occupancy arrangement, you must insist on being provided with one.

The tenancy contract need to set out the adhering to information:

  1. the name and also address of the property owner.
  2. your name (as lessee).
  3. the kind of occupancy arrangement (normally, these days, an assured shorthold occupancy – see below).
  4. the date the tenancy began as well as its duration (a repaired term, claim 12 months, or periodic from week to week or month to month).
  5. the amount of any type of deposit needed and also any sort of rent payable ahead of time.
  6. the quantity of rent payable as well as when an increase in rent could be expected.
  7. that is responsible for any other charges (such as council tax, a service charge or water prices).
  8. an address to which notices can be sent out to the property owner (e.g. that fixings are needed).
  9. a list of disorders for the occupant to accept (e.g. not to create a problem or sublet).
  10. a list of needs on the proprietor (e.g. to keep the property in good repair service).
  11. a section detailing the methods the occupancy can be finished as well as premises for repossession of the home.

Landlords Obligations

The occupancy arrangement does not constantly deal fully with the property manager’s commitments. Note that the property owner is lawfully called for to do, or otherwise do, the following:

  1. provide you with a lease book if you pay rent out once a week.
  2. allow you peaceful satisfaction of the residential property.
  3. not to evict you by force.
  4. preserve the property out of commission (although you might be liable for certain slight fixings).

Guaranteed Tenants

All tenancies granted nowadays are ensured occupancies. These are occupancies showed to be from week to week or from month to month continuing for an indefinite period. Unless you aree to leave, the proprietor could only acquire you out if he possesses a court order as well as could prove among a number of premises for belongings (such as, non repayment of rental fee or harm by you to the property).

One of the most common kind of guaranteed occupancy is an “ensured shorthold tenancy” which is a tenancy contract for a fixed term (minimal 6 months). Under these contracts, the proprietor is lawfully qualified to repossession of the home at the end of the fixed period provided he or she serves you a notification in writing 2 months prior to expiration of the set regard to the tenancy needing you to leave at the end of the occupancy.

Additional Tips:

  1. the proprietor should serve a notification in composing giving 1 month’s clear notice of a lease increase offering information of it,.
  2. if the proprietor wishes to get repossession of the property prior to completion of the fixed regard to the arrangement, they have to offer you 14 days composed notification as well as, if you do not agree to leave, he or she need to possess a court order needing you to leave,.
  3. the court will just order you to leave just before the end of your occupancy arrangement if the landlord can prove premises for foreclosure such as your inadequate therapy of the home or you have not paid the rent,.
  4. if you have done nothing incorrect, the landlord will normally simply be able to evict you prior to the end of your agreement if she or he could supply you sensible alternative accommodation.

Permits to Occupy

Your proprietor might get you to participate in a licence agreement rather than an occupancy ageement. This is something less than a tenancy agreement as well as uses where you do not get special possession of any part of the residential property. This could take place where the agreement calls for that you discuss a bedroom with an additional tenant which is not renting the place with you. Where your right to the home is through a permit, you will certainly not have any sort of rights as a renter. Where your proprietor declares this to be the situation, you might require legal recommendations.

Lodging Agencies

Note that it is unlawful for them to take money from you prior to they have actually found you a place to live if you utilize one of these.

Troubles with Neighbours

These can emerge in a number of means such as neighbors playing loud music throughout the night, barking pets or rubbish not being properly landed. There are a variety of possible options.

  1. if the neighbor is likewise a lessee of your property owner, then grumble to the proprietor that will certainly have a responsibility in the direction of you not to allow his various other lessees to cause you a hassle.
  2. whine to the local Environmental Health Department who have broad powers to take legal action against unreasonable next-door neighbors.
  3. Grumble to the cops if you are being seriously harassed by a neighbor.

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EastLondonLandscapers Launch New Living Garden Walls in East London

Well, are you ever familiar of this style of garden design?

Maybe you have seen it in flesh in a local building or maybe one overseas. Or you could have discovered them on TV, on a magazine spread or any other media outlet. In any case, this is a trendy take in gardening and landscaping called living garden walls.

This is also known to be a vertical garden. In essence, plant and flower life are set up securely on walls or structures to bring nature closer. This concept generally applies to modern buildings at the present time as management teams want to bring a sense of natural beauty. It is beneficial as well as it can greatly affect everyone’s health, in a good way, of course.

Pollution is no doubt an everyday thing in urban areas and the installation of these green walls will definitely make a difference. Once more, it is a natural way to get rid of or even just lessen the damage that the people themselves cause.

And here is the good news: East London Landscapers is launching living garden walls in East London! Supposing you are from the area or nearby, then what are you waiting for? Get in touch with them now!

The landscaping east london company prides themselves in providing high quality works and efforts for their clientele. Do you aim to have a wonderful garden and landscape to complement your already beautiful residence? Well, you can trust this team to do just that (and more) for you.

The professionals behind the name are with 15 years of expertise and experience, so you can be assured that you are in good hands. And even with such talents and skills, they will listen to your ideas and comments, especially regarding your dream garden. This is important as working together must be agreeable for both parties and this concerns all aspects.

Again, they can cater to your stylish needs and wants like that of new green vertical gardens! It is not even just about the installation; the East London Landscapers will bestow you with an overall colour and design that will attract folks, more so if you are a business open to the public.

There are few plant and flower varieties that can thrive in this living walls and this concern will be taken care of already for you. Whether in the interior or the exterior, you do not have to worry for this will be based upon your area’s weather conditions.

Many would honestly be concerned with pricing, since this is a contemporary and innovative technique in garden design (though it is actually dating back from the 1930s) but do not fret. You must understand though that because of such attribute, it can be considered costly but there is no doubt it is worth every penny you spend. In any case, there are many different pricing levels that will then depend upon your budget. Openly talking it out with the team from East London Landscapers would be a good first step.

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Recommended Business of October: London Xpress Decorators

Even if most people do not admit it but aesthetics is really important. It is what is first seen and it is what attracts you to a particular thing. And that is why there are many home and commercial structure owners that want to transform their property to make it look more appealing to folks they know and even the public in general.

If you are one of them and you are now planning to improve your interiors and exteriors, then you will be in good hands if you hire the London Xpress Decorators. This is a company you can trust in providing you many services relating to decorating and furnishing your home, for instance.

There are numerous painters and decorators in London but when talking of high quality, you do not have to look further than the Xpress Decorators. They always deliver up and beyond standards and at a reasonable price at that!

Since the year 2000, they have been painting on houses, flats, offices, hotels – big or small, they are ready to work and produce a paint job that will surely appeal to everyone. It is normal that some do not have any idea on these stuff: what colour and which paint kind to use. Well, you really do not have to worry about those things when you employ this company and their expert team. You just have to voice out your preferences on colours and they will work around them to give you what you want!

Painting may seem easy but it is very tricky, especially when done alone. Therefore, it is not advised. You should just give the job to the professionals, so that you are assured of an outcome that is smooth, durable and long lasting.

Their other services include wallpaper hanging, plastering and tiling. Their wall and floors coverings come in wide selections in both design and colour, so you certainly have more to choose from. It is essential to have experienced persons do the application and all for good results.

On top of these, interior designing of kitchens and bathrooms can be done by Xpress Decorators. These are two of the most important sections of a structure like the home. And with that fact, it just elevates the need for them to be finely furnished and designed for their easy use and access.

Of course, you may have your wants in terms of design and style and so you have to find a company with experts that are open to them. In turn, you have to be broad minded as well. In every project, when two parties are involved, it is a necessity to get along and communicate well for the results to be topnotch and satisfying for all.

Drastically changing both your interior and exterior by yourself can be so risky. To ensure a great and beautiful state for your home or office and to guarantee your money expenditure, it is best to just trust and leave all work to the professionals.

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Living on a Budget in London

The obvious answer would certainly be to reserve a visit in a hostel, which is a wonderful way to view some of the colder roles of London at a cheaper cost. Be aware that the idea of this endeavor is not just concerning totally free accommodations, there is likewise a strong focus on cultural exchange and also connections. If you make a decision on this choice, try to acquire to understand a little concerning your host before you go.


If you decide to stay in London for a little longer, it could be worth looking at shared-room renting. Ideal if you are taking a trip with a friend, shared-room renting permits you to reside in London at a fraction of the expense. Rooms could be constrained as well as there will possibly be several folks to share the cooking area as well as bathroom with, but it indicates you will not should be travelling in from zone 6 everyday. The TNT web site and also complimentary journal  is a fantastic source of info regarding this option.

Meals in London

The cost of meals has increased on a global scale, and also London is definitely no exception. If you are living there, try not to drop into the catch of doing all of your buying in the closest mini-versions of the country’s primary super-markets.

When it comes to eating out, London has many different two-for-one-deals at both neighborhood and also chain dining establishments, and also if you make the effort to look, there are some terrific affordable all-you-can-eat buffets. Try the scrumptious however simple veggie dining establishment in Soho. Annually, lots of dining establishments sign up with up under an “‘consume for a fiver” scheme. A few of the dining establishments providing these discounts are exceptional, so watch out in the nationwide press for information.

As well as if you fancy a pint yet don’t would like to pay through the nose, search for a pub that concerns the Weatherspoon chain or go to a happy hour.

Enjoyment in London


The center of the UK’s cultural ability, the enjoyment potential of London, is nearly inexhaustible. Regrettably, much of it comes with a high rate. The West End, London movie theaters, as well as music occasions could all suck the sterling silver from your pockets quicker than you could say “Mary Poppins,” unless you know the techniques. As a not-so-secret follower of musicals and also cinema, I have handled to see several programs in London, simply ever paying full-price for a ticket when (which was for Dirty Dancing which is still a sell-out program). For all the others, I have actually taken care of to get the ticket at half price or much less. One way to get a bargain is to browse the web a long time before the date you want to see the program and inspecting the theater bargains. is a wonderful website for this, particularly with their “tickets for a tenner” offer. If you have a spontaneous impulse to view a show, your best option is to visit Leicester Square on the morning of the day you want to go and also play the ticket-sellers against each other. You will view numerous little inexpensive movie theater ticket sellers populated around this famous square, and also will often have the ability to acquire great seats for most of the programs at a portion of the rate.

Cinemas in London are extremely costly, so want to view if offer a bargain on a particular day or head to an independent cinema. One particularly excellent location to attempt is simply behind all the razzle dazzle of Leicester Square, at the Prince Charles Cinema. It reveals an appealing feature of movies however at regarding 50% of the expense. As well as if you come to be a member, some showings will certainly cost you as low as £1.50. Another choice, if you are staying in the UK and also have a mobile phone on the Orange network, is the two-for-one deal on Wednesdays, offered at most UK cinemas.

As for music, look into Time Out magazine or TNT (a very valuable little publication) completely free music nights. There are several great blues, jazz, as well as Latin nights that are cost-free on the door.

A Fun, Money-Free Day

And also if you have some spare time throughout the day as well as actually do not intend to invest any kind of money at all, I would certainly presume regarding say London is a perfect place to be. With totally free entry to numerous fine art galleries (don’t miss the Tate Modern), museums (such as the Natural History Museum, the British Museum and the British Library), its multitude of stunning parks (St James’ Park is house to several of the Queen’s own pelicans) and also London’s well-known markets such as Portabello Road Market, you truly could appreciate London on a shoestring.

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